Why Emotional Impact?

And how you're helped to get great (and very REAL) results…


Men and women like you, who want something emotionally meaningful and not Machiavellian, have attracted people they thought they couldn’t, successfully asked and been asked out on dates that led to more enriching and enjoyable emotional experiences.

This is achieved by blending the best scientific research with the learnings from both the setbacks and the successes of some highly successful people, from Hollywood stars and Olympic medallists to war heroes and billionaires.

And, add to this, the real world knowledge gleaned from the often colourful experiences of Emotional Impact Founder Seán Brickell…and you’re being given some decidedly cunning and natural practical and psychological confidence & communication skills to help you be so much more successful in your love life.

Who Emotional Impact IS & Is NOT For

  • You're one of life’s swashbucklers or quiet heroes – because it doesn’t matter whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert or even, like Emotional Impact Founder Seán Brickell, an ambivert – who has the courage to seek challenges in your love life so you can feel emotionally fulfilled and happy
  • You're not afraid to dare a little and be adventurous – even if you sometimes risk getting it wrong and failing – because you want to make the most of the talents you have and even the ones you don’t yet know that you have! 
  • You really want to invest in yourself and your future love life success
  • You're prepared to take action on the advice you're given and agree to implement
  • You want to be one of the valiant and often victorious few who actually do something rather than the many just talk about doing something
  • You want to feel and be happy – especially after all the hard work you’re going to put in to achieving greater success in your love life
Yes! This Is So Me!

  • You're an inveterate Know-it-All
  • You want to play it safe and not test yourself or be adventurous just in case you get it wrong
  • You expect the success you want to materialise without investing the time, money and energy to make it happen
  • You might like the idea of investing in coaching and courses to help you progress in your love life faster than you might otherwise, but then you don't want to put in the work needed to achieve the results the Emotional Impact coaching and courses are designed to help you realise
  • You think you’ll get on emotionally by being superficial, smarmy, spiteful, surly or sycophantic or, God help us, a combination or even ALL of them
  • You want to just serve your time and not rock the business boat
  • You think personal development is for sissies
  • You wear excessively tight trousers or spend more on hair gel than vitamins
This isn't me - honest!

Who Exactly IS Emotional Impact Founder Seán Brickell?

There are not many things that Seán Brickell has not experienced emotionally - either directly or indirectly!

From his own experiences - the emotional rollercoaster of delightful and even delicious relationships to the heartbreak of bad and broken ones - to coaching others to get into, to get out of and to get along with their relationships, he has seen most things.

Heck! Seán's even once experienced a full blown swingers' orgy...as an undercover investigative reporter for a national newspaper!

And this, coupled with his insights into and his studies of confidence and communication, helps his give people like you very practical, non-cheesy and very real solutions to create an emotional life that strengthens you rather than shatters your confidence...so you can make the right choices whether or not you have found the right person.

Seán applies sometimes little known psychological and practical communication tools and techniques that are also backed up by the best scientific research as well as amazing insights gleaned from having interviewed billionaires, Hollywood stars, war heroes, Olympic medallists and other highly successful people about their successes as well as their setbacks.

So he doesn't practise the lentil-munching and tree-hugging school of personal development.

He likes to get results and therefore also likes to keep it real and relevant!

Not only that, but  he's also the author of Don't Shoot I'm Not Well! Confidence for when you really need it which became a bestseller (next in the rankings to a book by the Dalai Lama!).

Some of the media where Seán has been featured...

Appearing in the Media

Seán is regularly asked to appear on TV, the radio and in print & online publications talking about confidence & communication and self-development, as you can see here...

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