It Takes You LESS Than 36 Hours To Find The Best Solution For Your Strained or Damaged Relationship

The simple 3-step formula that helps you discover if your relationship truly is the right one for you in the long-term...especially if it's been increasingly causing you problems


Every relationship has challenging times. But, how do you really know when this is because of some fundamental flaws that can or cannot be addresses successfully.

You may have been struggling on for weeks, months or even years, causing you both increasing stress and unhappiness - not just because your relationship is faltering, but also because you have started to doubt your own judgement. And this makes the process of analysing your relationship correctly even more difficult.

It may be that your relationship is NOT the right one for you and your partner...or it could well be that your relationship IS the right one for you both. Therefore it's down to taking the right practical and psychological steps to address this successfully.

And there are certain practical and psychological steps you may not have taken that will help solve this once and for all.

But the longer these challenges continue the harder it is to truly solve these problems and this invariably makes them fester.

And this is why the decisions you make next are crucial.

The Relationship Viability Assessment is designed to give you the answers you want so you BOTH make the right decision and also help end the emotional pain that you may be experiencing.

And...if you graduate to Step 3 you get to develop your joint Relationship Enhancement Plan to help strengthen and sustain your relationship

Relationship Viability Assessment

There are 3 steps because you need to graduate through 3 stages that examine your relationship as it really is - not as you pretend it to be....

Step 1

This is where you both examine the Practical, Physical and Psychological aspects of your relationship…as it TRULY is and whether the positives outweigh the negatives, or the other way around, for you to progress to the next step in the process - or not, as the case may be. If you both feel you’re able, realistically and not out of just practicality, to move on to the second stage, then you do and take….

Step 2

This is where, under strict rules of politeness and fairness, you assess the negatives and the positives you defined in Step 1 so you’re both able to further assess how you’re both going to deal with your partner’s perceived negatives and positives in the immediate as well as the long-term. Again, this is very revealing. It could signal that your relationship is not going to progress further as the development that’s needed isn’t going to happen. Or it could mean you’re able to progress to…

Step 3

If you get this far, you’re doing really well - as log as you’re being TRULY honest with yourself and your partner and vice-versa! This is where you’re can then look forward to your new and realistically improved relationship by drawing up your 4-part Relationship Enhancement Plan. This is like a written and, above all else, an emotionally binding contract that will help give you a blueprint for a more honest, helpful and happy relationship.

So How Does It Work In 36 Hours?

So why does the Relationship Viability Assessment help you resolve any frustrating or even fatal flaws in the relationship you have with your partner...and why does it take just 36 hours to help you reach a realistically healthy solution?

Primarily because this product has been tried and tested and proven by different couples.

So, for instance, they say that you can come to an answer - in other words, do we stay together or part company - within about 36 hours.

This is because you need to sleep on the answers you give in Part 1 of this process (on Day 1) to help settle and then solidify them in your mind as well as your heart before then agreeing to talk through it together (on Day 2) with your partner.

So, say you start this process on the morning of Day 1 and you agree to meet to talk through your Relationship Viability Assessment at the end of Day 2, then that will be about 36 hours. You could do it in 24 hours. But I want to give you a timetable that is realistically healthy and considered. 

This 3-part process is designed to help you work out the issues that may be damaging your relationship and how to address, with kind, insightful and objective honesty, what’s truly not good as well as what truly is good in your relationship…and then take the best course of action because you’ve both developed greater wisdom about yourselves, your partner and your relationship.

This is doubly important when you consider the increasingly damaging effect a deteriorating relationship has on both your self-confidence and self-esteem. And the more you become adversely affected, the harder it’s going to be to judge what emotional course of action you then take.


The Relationship Viability Assessment not only stops you wasting time, energy and much more by being enmeshed in the wrong relationship, but it also enhances the relationship you both choose to stay in and commit to - for the right reasons. And this will make you stronger, not only as a couple, but also as individuals with the latter being a core ingredient of a realistically happy long-term and lifelong relationship.

30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

I'm very sure that the Relationship Viability Assessment is now going to help you achieve both tangible and intangible results in your love life.

And if it’s not producing any results for you or even because you then decide it’s just not your cup of tea, then just let me know within 30 days of your first payment and you’ll get all your money back without any fuss, without any quibbling and without any ill feeling!

So give it a try now…because it’s completely risk free and…you have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain to help transform the fortunes you can enjoy in your love life!

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