“I've Now Had ENOUGH Of Feeling Like This Before Going Out To Meet Men”

But what if you could feel truly and consistently great in yourself before you even leave your front door...by QUICKLY and EASILY discovering 5 NATURAL practical and psychological confidence skills that also make you even more NATURALLY ATTRACTIVE to the RIGHT type of man when you're out socially...

Before Looking For A Potential Partner Ask Yourself...

What is it going to be like if every time you go out you’re even more likely to attract men – the RIGHT type of men?
What is it going to feel like so that whenever you go out to a social event you do so WITHOUT any nerves or anxiety?
What is it going to be like knowing that, whether or not you meet a lovely man when you’re out, you’re still going to be just as happy in yourself?

Hi. I’m Seán Brickell, author of the bestseller Don’t Shoot! - I’m Not Well! Confidence for when you really need it and the Founder of Emotional Impact.

My dating and relationship coaching business' mission is to help as many emotionally sincere men and women as possible FIND, ATTRACT and KEEP an amazing life-enriching partner…by giving them the best NATURAL life based and scientifically proven practical and psychological confidence & communication skills that actually ACHIEVE RESULTS rather than sounding and being just fancy or fluffy!

I meet and work with so many great women who, despite all they have going for them, doubt themselves. And I want to help great women like this attract the great men they deserve...

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"Going Through This Is Getting To Me Now"

This is the type of scenario I hear about again and again…

Another invitation. Another social event. Another opportunity to meet a great guy.


It can also be another opportunity to come back home afterwards feeling deflated, devalued and even disconcertingly desperate about your love life.


The possibility of finding, then sharing and loving your life, in a vibrant and naturally happy way, with the right man for you is…gone again.

And so…

When you contemplate what your emotional FUTURE could be like, especially as time seems to pass more quickly the older you get, does it make you shrug your shoulders or does it make you shudder?

You may ask yourself…

“Why is this not working for me? Why when I meet guys, especially nice guys, do we not really connect?”

“And, if I do get asked out, why’s it not by the guys I’m interested in?!”

The more these types of patterns continue, the more it can frustrate you.

And understandably.

Now, I have no doubt, your natural modesty aside, you’re a clever, capable and charming woman who has so much to offer the world. And so much to offer a lucky man!

But the root cause of some of this lack of emotional success might surprise you.

Is THIS What's Missing From Yours Too?


For instance…

Sarah is a success – by her family’s and friends’ standards, by society’s standards and even, on those rare occasions when she freed herself from the shackles of natural modesty, by her standards.

A bright 42 year old woman who works for a big corporate firm of accountants, she is an engaging conversationalist who’s hard working, committed to her career and doing the best for her clients. She puts a lot of energy into helping clients and those she works with feel they’re being cared for and even protected.

She works out by going to spinning classes at her local gym, tries to eat well – although chocolate cake and pizza do have their place in a girl’s life…from time to time! – and has a small group of close and caring friends who she loves seeing as often as she can.

She’s financially independent, owns her own flat in London and like to go travelling to interesting places and not necessarily the usual holiday destinations.


Something was missing from her life.

She seemed to have it all. But, on the inside, she felt increasingly empty.

Sarah was single. And she couldn’t understand why.

Although she has much to offer any man, she just wasn’t connecting with the men she did meet.

And this was despite her trying a number of different approaches to meeting a man – the RIGHT man – with whom she could develop and sustain a realistically happy long-term if not lifelong relationship.

She tried dating apps

Too many weird, wanton or waster men who wanted to involve her in all sorts of things that suited them, but not her.

And the few she did meet up with were obviously having some time off from their glowing self-descriptions!

She tried blind dates

But then wondered if her friends and others she knew, who recommended the men she met up with, actually knew her. For instance, why, as a woman who’s not only physically active but who’s also an ardent reader of non-fiction books on social and political history, would she be interested in a man who takes little to no interest in either his physical or intellectual fitness?!


“COME ON, people!”

She tried being involved with specific interest groups in the hope of meeting like-minded men

But, even though she met some she connected with, it didn’t work out.

Either they didn’t ask her out or, if they did, the men gave up after a few dates.

All this both disconcerted and upset Sarah.

She was doing all she could.


Not quite. In reality.

There was something else more fundamental.


When Sarah was shown what this was, and when she took the RIGHT actions, as a result of what she learned, then her emotional fortunes improved quite dramatically.

Getting A LOT Of Attention From Men!

So, when she left her home to go out, she felt more naturally confident and at ease with herself.

She walked differently. She gave off a better vibe. She had an even more alluring twinkle in her eye.


She was getting attention. A LOT of attention!

Sarah felt happy about whatever happened or didn’t happen when going out.

She was comfortable with the outcome…because she was comfortable with herself.

And this made her even more attractive to men.

Sarah felt relaxed and excited about going out socially rather than feeling anxious about who might be there, how they would be towards her and how she would come across generally, especially to men.

She glowed. Men and women were drawn to her. They loved and still love her company.

Her conversation sparkled even more as, whether she was talking about what she found interesting or was discovering what made other people interesting, she did so with an engaging warmth, wit and wisdom.

Men were coming up to Sarah, some a little nervously, to talk with her. She was getting asked out several times in an evening.

This in turn boosted her confidence and helped her feel truly good about herself again.


It also gave her one other crucial boost.

The ability to relax and…not rush or feel obliged into accepting a date with someone because they asked. Because it was superficially reassuring to be asked – even if she suspected that the man, no matter how nice he appeared, probably wasn’t quite right for her.

Now though, she could pick and choose.

She felt and still feels in greater control of both what she does and how she feels – whether it’s been choosing who she goes on a date with and what happens, when it happens or doesn’t happen, and with whom who it happens. And doing so in a way that gives the man she’s with respect – the sort of increased respect that he now has for her.

All it took was for Sarah to make a few simple practical and psychological tweaks to herself. Simple tweaks that had a significant practical and psychological effect on her.

And these are easily accessible, easily applicable and easily achievable.

"Can This REALLY Be Achieved?"

Hang on a minute, Seán, you might be saying. This all sounds well and good. But this is not REAL, surely?

This can’t be achieved quickly and easily. It takes YEARS of emotional failure and frustration and then a fluke to make sure I have this sort of reaction when I’m out socially and meeting men.

Yes it can because…

You don’t need to do months or even years of therapy, for example, to help you get to where Sarah has got. In fact, depending on the therapist you work with, it can hold you back as you can regularly get bogged down in the very detrimental and even destructive details of your past that you’re trying to understand and then expunge from your psyche.

Often, you just need something simple to give you the oomph you need to make an improvement. Something that is easy and quick to do…that changes for the better how you think about yourself, how you feel about yourself, how you act with yourself and how you talk to yourself…and others.

So, if you want to be able to develop the RIGHT type of pre-dating and pre-social event confidence so that, when you’re out there, you have an even more alluring aura about you that gets you the attention you deserve and want, then you need the…

The Pre-Dating Confidence Toolkit for Women

This interactive 5-step online mini coaching course is designed to give you the NATURAL and RIGHT type of confidence before you even leave your front door. So, when you're out socially and in other situations, you have the practical and psychological skills to be naturally magnetic to men - the right types of men for you!

This course is based on a proven blend of the best scientific research AND the learning experiences from both the setbacks and successes of women professionals like you who’ve gone on to achieve greater happiness in their love lives…because they took action and dared a little to help themselves achieve even greater emotional fulfilment.

Yes! I want this!

Designed To Help You Enjoy This...

  • Discover who you REALLY are and who’re you’re really NOT…so you make the right decisions and also come across more naturally and therefore more attractively to suitable men
  • Develop a greater clarity on what you REALLY want emotionally as well as what you DON’T want
  • Avoid the BIG mistake that undermines you BEFORE you even meet potential dates
  • Attract the RIGHT men to you – naturally
  • Overcome nerves, self-doubt and anxiety before going out socially
  • Sparkle and even sizzle in any social setting
  • Have conversations that win you hearts, minds & dates
  • Develop even greater conversational skills with a date and a potential partner
  • Develop the clarity, confidence and courage to date and be with who you REALLY want to – and not who you think, or your family, friends and assorted others think you should date
  • Feel great about yourself in social situations – even if you’re single and even if you’ve had a bad day or week

Why This Solution REALLY Works For You

You can take a heuristic approach to improving your social and dating experiences. But it’s too hit and miss if you rely on this tack for too long.

But I imagine that, instead, you’re keen to accelerate your happiness in this regard.

In my many years of studying human nature and psychology, putting it into practice, and both failing and winning, speaking with those who’ve succeeded, even after they’ve endured setbacks in their love life, and helping an increasing number of clients make a positive and rewarding real world difference to their love lives, I’ve learned a few simple truths.

The solutions that REALLY work are easily accessible and applicable, not overwhelming, are fun to do and are truly EMPOWERING in real everyday terms.

Learning about yourself and what you’re REALLY like as a person, no matter what you try to portray to the outside world and even to yourself, is so, so satisfying. Don’t you agree. And especially when you’re learning how to improve who and what you are…you become a happier and more naturally attractive person.

In this course, I’ve collated 5 great practical and psychological tools and shared them with you…so you can apply them instantly to help improve your chances of attracting more of the RIGHT men.

You now have a simple starter roadmap of what to do in a quickly and easily accessible and applicable way so you can make the best of yourself NATURALLY…and not in a fake, forced or freaky way that would soon get you sussed anyway.

But What About...?

“How easy is it to use these coaching tools and how long will it take to do the exercises?”

In short, very easy. This is why this mini course is designed this way. Each of the 5 lessons has a short explanatory video and then a downloadable worksheet or an audio program to process easily. They can take from a few minutes to longer, depending on how thoroughly you approach an exercise and how often you practise what you’ve discovered.


“Why are there only 5 lessons in this course?”

Because I wanted to produce a short course for you that gives you a much quicker set of initial results, to get you off the ground, as it were, and in a way that’s perhaps not as overwhelming as the sort of hairy-chested and more involved coaching course which goes much deeper and is even more thorough. This way, it gives you a chance to enjoy some quick and easy emotional wins.


“I don’t want this to become yet another thing on my to-do list...”

The last thing you need is yet another thing to juggle and add to your list of daily tasks. I get it. But, the Pre-Dating Confidence Toolkit for Women is not like this. It’s designed for you to dip in and out of at your own pace when you have the time and want to make the time to help you grow as a person, so you help boost your emotional prospects. It’s like having a wise and non-pushy or judgemental person to call and speak to whenever you want, and without them minding in the slightest what you say to them!


REMEMBER: You now have an ally – an unshakable, quick-fire, always-there-to-help-you-24/7 type ally.

That said, I understand that you can’t take someone’s trust as a given…and nor, for that matter, for granted.

This is why you have a cast-iron 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee. Not a 30 day guarantee, like most others offer – that’s if they actually do offer any guarantee.

60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

I'm very sure that the Pre-Dating Confidence Toolkit for Women is now going to help you achieve both tangible and intangible results in your love life.

And if, after properly trying and completing the course, it’s not producing any results for you or even because you then decide it’s just not your cup of tea, then just let us know within 60 days of your payment and you’ll get all your money back without any fuss, without any quibbling and without any ill feeling!

So give it a try now…because it’s completely risk free and…you have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain to help transform the fortunes you can enjoy in your love life!

Your Investment


  • 5-step interactive quick access & quick application coaching course
  • 24/7 secure access to the course via mobiles, tablets & laptops
  • Every lesson comes in video, audio & written formats to suit your varying learning styles & environments
  • Ask questions of and get direct feedback from the Course Creator Seán Brickell
  • Learn from others in the course community
  • Lifetime access & updates
  • 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
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We do and experience so much on our own in life.

And so often we can endure these struggles on our own, too. Either because we don’t want to show weakness or vulnerability or because we simply don’t know what to do to overcome the emotional frustrations, fears and even failures that can rack up on our love life’s scoreboard.

Sure. You may well have randomly tried hacks and techniques, but without achieving the real and lasting success you want and deserve.

Some people spend their whole life doing this, wasting years if not decades dipping into this and then into that, without ever accessing what they REALLY need to and applying themselves in the right way.

How many women do you know who still have deceptively destructive attitudes which means their invariably exasperating love life script never really changes. The only thing that does is their attitude. But not for the better.

The more things don’t work out, the more frustrated and even resentful they can become. And this only compounds their bad attitude and actions which continues to give them the results they don’t want.


Those women who DO take action to upgrade their attitude and abilities even further, are the ones who enjoy the emotional fulfilment, success and happiness you also want and deserve.

They have applied what you can also now learn in this course.

And these skills aren’t there to make you “techniquey.” This course simply helps you bring out the NATURAL and applicable practical and psychological skills you have in your personality armoury. This is so you can access them, truly understand them and then apply them in a very real and achievable way so you enjoy the results you want…consistently.

When you do, your family and friends and those you meet will notice there’s something different about you after you take this course.

You’ll have a quiet and attractive confidence.

You’ll also have better experiences and results when you’re out socially so you attract more and better quality men.

If you don’t do it, then what will life be like in 6 months and even 1 year’s time? If nothing has changed, then how are you going to feel about yourself?

So let’s do this together…and let me help you develop the pre-dating confidence you want…

Your Investment


  • 5-step interactive quick access & quick application coaching course
  • 24/7 secure access to the course via mobiles, tablets & laptops
  • Every lesson comes in video, audio & written formats to suit your varying learning styles & environments
  • Ask questions of and get direct feedback from the Course Creator Seán Brickell
  • Learn from others in the course community
  • Lifetime access & updates
  • 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
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