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The guy you meet and are interested in or even who you've started dating can appear attractive. BUT...if he shows these signs, and certainly consistently, then he may well not be the man for you.

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This is for when you've got to the end of a date you've both seem to have enjoyed and he hasn't asked you out on another date. Say the following, in the right way, and you're more likely to help him see the light!

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There is a consistently MAJOR mistake far, far too many men make on dates with women on a regular basis. This crucial dating skill will make you stand out from the crowd so she finds you more impressive

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These characteristics are not necessarily the ones most men think they are. But they're 3 elements of your character that women look for in a man (who genuinely does have them, by the way!)

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These questions are ones you MUST ask before you go out looking for a partner or dating. They help shape what you TRULY want and save you wasting time on going for the wrong dates and relationships with the wrong people

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This short MP3 audio hypnosis program helps reprogram your mind to give you the confidence boost you need before an important event, whether a sales pitch, a challenging chat with a colleague or a client and more - and all in under 4 minutes.

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