How To Detect and Get Rid Of Deceptively Toxic People In Your Love Life

dating relationships May 30, 2018

No matter how focused and ambitious and capable you are, your love life hopes and dreams can be seriously undermined by something that can be hard to be aware of:

Toxic People.

In fact, research shows that 80% of us allow people in our lives who do more harm than good.

Now, some people you work with are blatantly toxic. So they’re kind of easy to suss out!


There are those you deal with who are under the radar toxic…and they can have an under the radar toxic effect on you when it comes to dating and relationships.


How do you suss out these people?

Watch this short (4'15”) video that explains more.


You can also get FREE access to a tool to help unveil these under the radar types in your life…


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5 Deceptively Revealing Signs That An Apparently Attractive Man Is Wrong For You

dating relationships Mar 14, 2018

As a woman, you see, meet and like a man.

On initial appearance, he seems to possess the qualities you want in a partner, especially if he’s a more mature sort of chap.

And he may well be who and what you’re looking for. And…there may be even more to him than meets the eye – in a good way. And that’s a wonderful bonus.


He may NOT be all he appears.

So, how do you know if the Prince Charming is a delight or a dud?

I explain how to spot the signs in this video…



Do you want to have FREE access to a coaching tool to help you spot the duds from the delights?

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1 Simple Technique To Stop You Damaging Your Emotional Confidence When Comparing Yourself To Others

dating relationships Feb 28, 2018

No matter how well or badly you feel you’re doing in your love life, there’s one sure fire practice that is guaranteed to undermine you. A habit you may have been and could still be guilty of, along with many millions of others who do exactly the same, despite the damage it does to their dating life and relationships.

But there is a simple way you can overcome this, as I explain in this video…



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How You Can Avoid Making This Valentine's Day Mistake That Can Kill The Romance

dating relationships Feb 13, 2018

It's such a simple mistake - but one that is repeated time and time again, every year, by millions of people trying to be romantic on Valentine's Day.

And when you've made an effort to do something special with your partner or date, the last thing you want is for them or you to feel like a cheesy chump.

This videos explains what one thing you must avoid on Valentine's Day if you want to make sure it's one to remember - for the right reasons.


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7 Untypical Ways To Improve Your Emotional Self-Esteem

dating relationships Dec 03, 2017

Let’s first clear up a common misconception.

Self-esteem is not the same as self-confidence.

In very simple terms, self-confidence is about how capable you feel and how much you can trust yourself to do, overcome and achieve what you want.

Whereas self-esteem is about how much you truly value yourself – no matter whether you succeed or fail whether dating successfully or not.

In other words, as I sometimes put it, self-confidence can be about how good you appear to feel about yourself whereas self-esteem is how you really feel about yourself when no-one’s looking.


Do You Suffer From Any Of These?

So, do you suffer from any or even all of these sometimes, regularly or even all the time?

  • Social withdrawal
  • Anxiety about your work
  • Anxiety about your personal life
  • You feel socially awkward and feel tense before going out
  • Social withdrawal
  • Bouts of sadness or depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Feeling you don’t measure up to people you know,...
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Why You Need A Champion To Achieve Greater Emotional Success and The 7 Qualities They Must Have

dating relationships Dec 03, 2017

It’s something you might think belongs in childhood stories about medieval knights and noble deeds while jousting. But it’s not.

It’s still relevant today.

This is about more than having a coach or even a mentor.

As I explain in this video, a Champion can make an even more profound difference in your life so you’re better equipped to suck-up the setbacks and seek the successes more ably…


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Two ways you can quickly overcome your negative body image issues

dating relationships Dec 02, 2017

The sun is out and the heat is on (you hope!) and, therefore, you wear less.

But then...

The usual fears and frustrations come to torment you.

Whether you're wearing a light Summer dress or a bikini or whatever it is that can show more of you, you tell yourself some pretty damning things about your body and how you look.

Some research reveals that, as a woman, on average, you're likely to have 13 negative body moments every day!

So, as I explain in this video, how do you overcome these?


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How much are YOU warping (and damaging) your emotional reality?

dating relationships Dec 02, 2017

You may have a very real concern - and I see this too often with too many people I meet and work with - that you may be at risk from warping your reality - especially when you compare yourself to others you think have what you don't.

As I explain in this video...


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How To Overcome This Common Self-Help Advice That Does More Harm Than Good

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

It’s one of the most common and easiest forms of self-help advice that is dished out daily.

You’ve probably been given it when you’re experiencing or facing a challenge in your personal and/or your work life that unsettles or even upsets you.

I know I have.

It seems to make sense…and good sense, at that.


This advice is aimed at underpinning your unease so it makes you stronger.

Alas, most of the time, it undermines you and gives you false hope that you can overcome the challenge or challenges you’re experiencing or about to endure.


I also share with you one simple exercise you can do that will help you face any challenge you have in your life, as I also explain in this video…


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The Science Behind Why Trusting Your Feelings Can Give You A Happier Love Life

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

The more setbacks you have in your emotional life the easier it is to doubt your judgement.

And when you begin to doubt your judgement you begin to lose confidence.

And when you begin to lose confidence you’re more likely to doubt your judgement even more.

And when this’re not going to trust your feelings.


The problem with this is that…

You could be stopping yourself from imagining and then creating a successful outcome in your love life, whether it’s having more men finding you attractive and sexy when you go out to your next big social event or going on a date with a wonderful person who could become a great life partner.

A Columbia University study highlighted what they called the “Emotional Oracle Effect.”

This is the phenomenon that those who trust their feelings are noticeably more likely to accurately predict the outcome of future events. And not just any future events, either.

The study involved asking...

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