How To Detect and Get Rid Of Deceptively Toxic People In Your Love Life

dating relationships May 30, 2018

No matter how focused and ambitious and capable you are, your love life hopes and dreams can be seriously undermined by something that can be hard to be aware of:

Toxic People.

In fact, research shows that 80% of us allow people in our lives who do more harm than good.

Now, some people you work with are blatantly toxic. So they’re kind of easy to suss out!


There are those you deal with who are under the radar toxic…and they can have an under the radar toxic effect on you when it comes to dating and relationships.


How do you suss out these people?

Watch this short (4'15”) video that explains more.


You can also get FREE access to a tool to help unveil these under the radar types in your life…


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One Subtle Body Language Gesture That’ll Make Someone Like You More

dating Apr 18, 2018

Sometimes it’s the most simple things that can win someone over so you naturally become…

More appreciated.

More admired.

More attractive.

And although this body language gesture is very simple, it can have a significantly greater impact on the person you want to engage with emotionally, as I explain in this short (2'45") video…

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Why You Fail In Your Love Life Because You Forget This Key Quality

dating Mar 22, 2018

It’s one of the most powerful and attractive qualities we have.

And yet…

It’s one of the most unrealised and underused qualities we posses that can and will attract the people we want to attract, as I explain in this video…



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5 Deceptively Revealing Signs That An Apparently Attractive Man Is Wrong For You

dating relationships Mar 14, 2018

As a woman, you see, meet and like a man.

On initial appearance, he seems to possess the qualities you want in a partner, especially if he’s a more mature sort of chap.

And he may well be who and what you’re looking for. And…there may be even more to him than meets the eye – in a good way. And that’s a wonderful bonus.


He may NOT be all he appears.

So, how do you know if the Prince Charming is a delight or a dud?

I explain how to spot the signs in this video…



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1 Simple Technique To Stop You Damaging Your Emotional Confidence When Comparing Yourself To Others

dating relationships Feb 28, 2018

No matter how well or badly you feel you’re doing in your love life, there’s one sure fire practice that is guaranteed to undermine you. A habit you may have been and could still be guilty of, along with many millions of others who do exactly the same, despite the damage it does to their dating life and relationships.

But there is a simple way you can overcome this, as I explain in this video…



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The One MAJOR Reason Why So Many Men Fail On Dates With Women

dating Feb 21, 2018

There’s one reason far too many men keep failing to engage and impress a woman on a first date and, if they somehow manage to get further, on subsequent dates.

As this video explains, there is a way to avoid this and get off first base in your love life in a way so many men don’t do.

And, not only, that but...

Women are much more likely to find you more interesting, more energising and attractive…



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Now, do you want to be able to one of those guys who bedazzles rather than bores a woman you’re on a date with?!

Then enjoy FREE access to this online coaching tool The One Crucial Dating Skill That Women Will Love You For That Most Men Don’t Possess by clicking on the image below...



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How You Can Avoid Making This Valentine's Day Mistake That Can Kill The Romance

dating relationships Feb 13, 2018

It's such a simple mistake - but one that is repeated time and time again, every year, by millions of people trying to be romantic on Valentine's Day.

And when you've made an effort to do something special with your partner or date, the last thing you want is for them or you to feel like a cheesy chump.

This videos explains what one thing you must avoid on Valentine's Day if you want to make sure it's one to remember - for the right reasons.


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4 Easy-To-Miss Body Language Signals Men Give Off When They’re NOT Interested In A Woman

dating Dec 03, 2017

There is some serious and unexpected craziness in this world sometimes.

And that includes ANY nice man who’s not interested in a woman like you – at least just yet!

Imagine this scenario…

You’re at a party or some social event and during the course of said event you get chatting to a guy and the conversation flows. You’re getting on well and there’s an ease between you.

But then the time comes for one or both of you to leave. This is your/their chance to take your connection further.

As a woman, you may well feel uncomfortable with asking a man to meet you again; so you hope he will ask you.

But this request never comes.

You’re saying what is now an awkward goodbye…because neither of you have communicated your desire to meet up again.


You may even be looking at him as if to say: “ASK ME OUT FOR GOD’S SAKE!! Even for a 15 minute coffee or even tea!”

And then he, sensing your desire, is now...

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4 Easy-To-Miss Body Language Signals Men Give Off When They Like A Woman

dating Dec 03, 2017

There’s one thing men don’t like doing when it comes to dealing with women they like or outright fancy.

And that’s appearing too readable just in case we come across as too keen!

The reality though can be quite different.

Some men try to appear really cool which, sometimes, can make them come across as a slightly awkward peacock in full feather display.

Others choose to seem distant and off-hand, almost to the point of being rude, really trying to make you think you’re the last person they want to know when the reality is the complete opposite.

Admittedly, some just can’t help themselves. Despite the relaxed or casual air they attempt to pull off, their desires and even intentions are a little too clear!

Of course, there are some men who are just warmly natural with women they like.


It’s what he says NON-VERBALLY that reveals what he REALLY thinks of you.

So here are 4 easy-to-miss body language signals men give off – even very...

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7 Untypical Ways To Improve Your Emotional Self-Esteem

dating relationships Dec 03, 2017

Let’s first clear up a common misconception.

Self-esteem is not the same as self-confidence.

In very simple terms, self-confidence is about how capable you feel and how much you can trust yourself to do, overcome and achieve what you want.

Whereas self-esteem is about how much you truly value yourself – no matter whether you succeed or fail whether dating successfully or not.

In other words, as I sometimes put it, self-confidence can be about how good you appear to feel about yourself whereas self-esteem is how you really feel about yourself when no-one’s looking.


Do You Suffer From Any Of These?

So, do you suffer from any or even all of these sometimes, regularly or even all the time?

  • Social withdrawal
  • Anxiety about your work
  • Anxiety about your personal life
  • You feel socially awkward and feel tense before going out
  • Social withdrawal
  • Bouts of sadness or depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Feeling you don’t measure up to people you know,...
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