How Moving Are You? 3 Ways To Have Persuasive Presence When You Walk

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

Are you a Staggerer, a Swaggerer, a Strider, a Saunterer, a Slitherer or even a closet Skipper?!

Desmond Morris, the zoologist and writer of the seminal The Naked Ape, wrote in another book, Bodywatching – A Field Guide to the Human Species, that there are about 40 different human walking styles.

The way we walk says a lot about our attitude at that time…

To ourselves and to other people.

In the eyes of an observer, it can define you in so many ways…

Both flattering and unflattering.


  • What’s your walking style range?
  • How much is this affecting the impact you have?
  • And how can you improve it?


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Why It’s Pretty Ugly If You’re An Attractive Woman

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

The girl at the train station had bucked teeth, unhelpful facial blemishes and lank hair. She was also unremarkably dressed.

And yet she walked and acted like she was the warmest and most beautiful woman in the world.

She had a warmth, positive energy and elegant passion about her.

This made her so eye-catching.

It also made her attractive and intriguing.

And yet one of the great ironies is that so many women who are considered to be head-turningly beautiful and physically attractive are some of the unhappiest and, alas, in too many cases, some of the most screwed-up people you’ll meet.

Some recent research may give us some answers.

“She’s not pretty and she’s not ugly. She’s just pretty ugly!”

So joked the inter-war Hollywood comic actor and professional moustache wearing wise cracker Groucho Marx when describing a female character in one of the Marx Brothers films.

The same can be said for the pressure women still today feel to look great.

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The 4 Verbal Steps You Must Take To Bolster and Not Break Your Relationship

relationships Nov 22, 2017

It doesn’t matter how clever, cute, charming or capable you are, the way you verbally express or even don’t express your emotions can make or break the relationship you’ve really wanted and are happy to be in.

If you won’t or even believe you can’t authentically express your true emotions…and in the right way…you erode the trust, security, physical and emotional intimacy and sense of joy you have perhaps longed for and are trying to build with your new partner and, let’s also hope, they are trying to build with you.

It’s like welcoming them with open arms into your life and, before too long, then shutting them in a metaphorical isolation cell as far as you’re concerned.

And what partner wants to be shunted into the emotional wilderness – at any time.

To them you become emotionally inpenetrable, distant, cold and a painful contrast to how they first saw you, felt about you and related to you.


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