One Often Unrealised Reason Women Put Men Off Before They’ve Even Spoken

dating Nov 30, 2017

Your outfit looks great.

Your hair and makeup look great.

You’re ready to meet a great man.


Despite looking this good, you’re putting men off.

It doesn’t make sense to you or even your girlfriends…or, for that matter, any other friends who might venture an opinion.

But to the men you want to have a connection with, who then turn out not to be interested in you, it does make sense.

And it’s down to one thing:

Your emotional attitude when it comes to dating and relationships.

If you’re not getting the right attention from the right men, it’s probably because you’re




In other words, you’re emotionally BRITTLE which means you can come across as brittle.

Your ANXIETY betrays a lack of confidence in who you are…and natural confidence is a sexy trait.

Because of the lack of the true success you want in your love life, it’s very easy to come across as...

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How To Overcome This Common Self-Help Advice That Does More Harm Than Good

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

It’s one of the most common and easiest forms of self-help advice that is dished out daily.

You’ve probably been given it when you’re experiencing or facing a challenge in your personal and/or your work life that unsettles or even upsets you.

I know I have.

It seems to make sense…and good sense, at that.


This advice is aimed at underpinning your unease so it makes you stronger.

Alas, most of the time, it undermines you and gives you false hope that you can overcome the challenge or challenges you’re experiencing or about to endure.


I also share with you one simple exercise you can do that will help you face any challenge you have in your life, as I also explain in this video…


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How You Can Still Find Love – Even Over Cheap Teabags

dating Nov 30, 2017

Their comment was unprompted and unexpected.

While out doing a big grocery shop at a large out of town supermarket, we were in the tea section looking for different types of tea.

“There’s one left and no-one’s seen it, apart from us! So why don’t you grab it while you can!”

I turned around and there was a small and, like his wife, very warm and kind looking man. This couple were probably in their late eighties.

They had bagged this large box of English Breakfast teabags that were on for a bargain price…and there was only one left that was right at the back of the shelf. And they wanted us to get access to them before anyone else did in tis busy store.

So why am I telling you this seemingly mundane story about shopping and cheap teabags?

What I got from this couple was not so much as a bargain on some teabags. It was something much more profound.

They were such humble people who had something about them so many others who, ostensibly have more...

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How A Woman Who Has No Strings Sex Can Be Respected By A Man...Afterwards

dating Nov 30, 2017

The guilt and even the shame can often outweigh and outlast the physical and psychological pleasure you (hopefully) had.

No strings sex with a man can make you feel sexy, desirable and alive.

But afterwards, especially if the sex wasn’t enough to inspire even a whimper in you, you can also quite easily feel the opposite - dirty, loose and desperate.

Such emotions are often self-imposed, fuelled by sociological rules and prejudice that mean there’s one rule for men and another rule for women.

Men don’t tend to be encumbered by such feelings and societal perceptions. It’s considered a natural thing for a man to do...if he wants to.

But even though it’s a natural desire of women, so many of you beat yourself up...and this creates even more unhelpful psychological complexes for you.

You don’t just worry what YOU think of you in a post-coital guilt trip, you also worry what your family and friends would say/are already saying and what the lucky man you...

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The Science Behind Why Trusting Your Feelings Can Give You A Happier Love Life

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

The more setbacks you have in your emotional life the easier it is to doubt your judgement.

And when you begin to doubt your judgement you begin to lose confidence.

And when you begin to lose confidence you’re more likely to doubt your judgement even more.

And when this’re not going to trust your feelings.


The problem with this is that…

You could be stopping yourself from imagining and then creating a successful outcome in your love life, whether it’s having more men finding you attractive and sexy when you go out to your next big social event or going on a date with a wonderful person who could become a great life partner.

A Columbia University study highlighted what they called the “Emotional Oracle Effect.”

This is the phenomenon that those who trust their feelings are noticeably more likely to accurately predict the outcome of future events. And not just any future events, either.

The study involved asking...

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How To Cope If You Run Out Of Things To Say Socially

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

It took me aback.

And it came from nowhere.

And the chances of recovering the situation seemed slim.

Those of you who know me and/or my work, will understand I’m happy to talk with and listen to all varieties of people.

I really do believe that everyone, no matter how seemingly dull on the outside, has something about them that’s interesting.

It’s just a matter of you wanting to find that out by giving them the chance, and not just the people who look interesting or look like they could be useful to you, in whatever capacity, and then asking the right questions…and then listening carefully….and then guiding the chat accordingly.

But too often too many of us are passive at social and even business gatherings, waiting for someone proactive to come along to kick-start the conversation, the atmosphere and the opportunities.

And, as someone who loves to be proactive, it always presents chances for making these three things happen.

But then you...

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Women Who Uncover This Closely Guarded Emotional Secret Can Transform Their Relationship With A Man

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

Emotionally speaking, it’s like trying to get unauthorised access to Fort Knox…and to some it’s like finally discovering the Holy Grail.

This is one of the toughest and potentially most drawn-out challenges you can face as a woman...if you don't know how to deal with it.

And this is uncovering and then accessing a (heterosexual) men’s greatest emotional secret.

Although men’s pride and egos, for the most part, make us greater risk takers, stemming from the earliest days of man when we had to take risks to survive, let alone thrive, it comes with a perennial side effect. Namely, vulnerability.

And most men, certainly heterosexual men, don’t like to do vulnerability!

Our fear is that it makes us look weak and unmanly…and therefore unattractive to women.

Now, as a woman, you may now be saying to yourself: “Is that all?! No problem. If I can do vulnerability, then so can a man. Simple.”

Alas not.

Not just from a man’s point...

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Why Hollywood Films Are Ruining Your Love Life

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

Don’t you find that most romantic comedies can be as emotionally enhancing as they can be entertaining?

Rom-coms can be just what you need to make you feel good and to give you hope, especially if you’re not happy with what’s happening in your love life…or even lack thereof.


Rom-coms often deceive you.

They often give you false hope.

This means that…

Rom-coms can be and are bad for your emotional health and future.

And there’s science to prove it.

Researchers believe that the influence of Hollywood films is instilling a warped sense of the "perfect" relationship within society and providing unrealistic expectations about romance.

They are also oversimplifying the process of falling in love and wrongly giving the impression that it could and should be achieved without any effort, it’s claimed.

A team at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh studied 40 top box office films released between 1995 and 2005, to establish common themes....

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3 Unexpected Places For Women To Meet Great Men For Dating

dating Nov 30, 2017

The way some of my female friends and, initially, my clients tell it...

Finding a good man is like trying to find a yeti!

Highly unlikely, unexpected and unrealistic.

This sort of scepticism, nay cynicism, might explain why they can struggle to find any good man – even if they're standing right in front of these women.

These women set their expectations high and their hopes low.

BUT...they're missing a trick. And I don't want you to miss out either.

So, here are some often forgotten and unrealised ways to meet nice guys, good guys and even great guys – in other words, without expecting anything, men you can get on well with…and wherever it might go from there!


1. Tea Dance: This might sound old fashioned, but the sort of man who might go here is likely to be cultured, romantic and, very importantly, enjoy dancing. And don't you love to be swept off your feet to music that matches your (romantic) mood!

2. Personal Development/Self-Help Course:...

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Men Have An Emotional Clock…That Often Ticks Silently Until It’s Too Late For Them

dating relationships Nov 30, 2017

It’s widely known that women have a Body Clock. But what’s not really known is that men have an Emotional Clock that can be just as life-changing.

As she gets older, a woman’s Body Clock can often be a source of increased angst in the increasingly precarious emotional and reproductive arena they pitch themselves into in search of emotional and maternal fulfilment.

Men, by comparison, feel they have no such worries. But we’re wrong.

A man’s Emotional Clock ticks just as noticeably, but almost silently. And being unaware of it leaves us open to missing our emotional deadline and destiny.

Admittedly, men have the potential to reproduce until the age when a failing mind and body means they forget what to do or even where to find what they need to do it with.

When we’re younger this can create a sexual and emotional smugness, certainly when men compare their lot with that of women who want to conceive.

If they want children, most women start...

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