4 Easy-To-Miss Body Language Signals Men Give Off When They’re NOT Interested In A Woman

dating Dec 03, 2017

There is some serious and unexpected craziness in this world sometimes.

And that includes ANY nice man who’s not interested in a woman like you – at least just yet!

Imagine this scenario…

You’re at a party or some social event and during the course of said event you get chatting to a guy and the conversation flows. You’re getting on well and there’s an ease between you.

But then the time comes for one or both of you to leave. This is your/their chance to take your connection further.

As a woman, you may well feel uncomfortable with asking a man to meet you again; so you hope he will ask you.

But this request never comes.

You’re saying what is now an awkward goodbye…because neither of you have communicated your desire to meet up again.


You may even be looking at him as if to say: “ASK ME OUT FOR GOD’S SAKE!! Even for a 15 minute coffee or even tea!”

And then he, sensing your desire, is now even more awkward. And this man you like and/or you fumble your way apart from each other.

You feel baffled and deflated and even a little hurt that, despite the apparent connection, he just wasn’t interested enough to want to meet up with you again – whatever it might have led or not led to.

Well, the truth is…

There would have been signs during your discourse that would have indicated that he didn’t feel enough about you to want to take it further.

Now, I’m not saying you should cut short a conversation with a man you might find attractive just because he isn’t interested in you – at that stage. You never know who he might know who WILL be interested in you.

But at least the following will help you manage your expectations and therefore not dent your confidence unnecessarily.


As you know so well, there’s nothing quite so undermining for your confidence than being politely rebuffed, ignored or even dismissed by a man you thought you had a connection with.

If this happens more than a few times and certainly if this occurs on a regular basis, then you can begin to doubt your own judgement and your own attractiveness.

And this further undermines your confidence which will therefore undermine the subconscious impact you have on other men you like or feel or want a connection with.

So, here are 4 easy-to-miss body language signals that can show he’s just not that into you:


1. Blocking Barriers: This is used when a man wants to block himself from a person or situation they don’t like. This can lead to blocking behaviours like closing his eyes, rubbing his eyes and placing his hands in front of his face.

2. Pouting & Pursing: If a man pouts and purses their lips together, this can be a sign that he disagrees with what you’re saying or doing.

3. Body Angling: When a man isn’t at ease with you and even is going off you as you speak, then he can turn his upper body away completely or at a slight angle, often without him realising he’s doing it.

4. Shoulder Shifting: If a man raises both his shoulders a little while talking, certainly with his arms by his sides and the palms of his hands splayed towards you, then he’s trying to indicate that he’s not so sure of himself or not wanting to commit to anything further with you.


Now, you might not see this man again. So case closed.

But, if you do bump into him again, don’t dismiss him – unless he was rude when you first met him. And there’s a difference between politely rebuffing someone, both verbally and non-verbally, and rejecting someone rudely.

He might see you differently – in one part, because he’s getting to know you further and, in another part, because you’re more relaxed about being in his company as you have no expectations of him.

And that can make you more attractive!



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