4 Easy-To-Miss Body Language Signals Men Give Off When They Like A Woman

dating Dec 03, 2017

There’s one thing men don’t like doing when it comes to dealing with women they like or outright fancy.

And that’s appearing too readable just in case we come across as too keen!

The reality though can be quite different.

Some men try to appear really cool which, sometimes, can make them come across as a slightly awkward peacock in full feather display.

Others choose to seem distant and off-hand, almost to the point of being rude, really trying to make you think you’re the last person they want to know when the reality is the complete opposite.

Admittedly, some just can’t help themselves. Despite the relaxed or casual air they attempt to pull off, their desires and even intentions are a little too clear!

Of course, there are some men who are just warmly natural with women they like.


It’s what he says NON-VERBALLY that reveals what he REALLY thinks of you.

So here are 4 easy-to-miss body language signals men give off – even very subtly – when they like a woman and find her attractive:


1. Tooth display: If he smiles at you, showing his teeth, it means he’s genuinely enjoying your company. A smile without teeth may mean he’s OK with being with you, but may not be as inflamed by what you’re saying and/or you.

2. Seating Sequence Setting: If you’re in a group and you choose to sit down, he’ll make sure, with a subtle but determined piece of focused and fast choreography, that he’s by your side so he can sit down next to you. He’ll just be that little bit quicker about sorting out your and his seating arrangements. There’ll be no polite dithering and discussion here like there could be with the other people there, I assure you!

3. Leg Splay: If he’s into you, he’ll want to open his legs to expose you to his crown jewels as if to say: It’s all here, is in perfect working order and has much to offer! Or primeval thoughts to that effect!

4. Big Breath: If, when he sees you, he takes a deep breath…then this is a sign he wants to impress you. This process involves him pulling in his stomach and puffing out his chest — a subconscious way to make his upper body look broader and his waist look smaller, two qualities that make him look more fit and strong and, from an evolutionary perspective, more desirable.


So keep your eyes and senses, discreetly, on full alert!

You don’t want to miss an opportunity and therefore give up on enjoying further the company of a man who you might think isn’t interested in you even though he is!

And all because you miss some of his subtle but still significant body language signals.



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